Progressive Evolution.

From the day we opened our doors, LS Capital has been a fully integrated private equity firm built on a sound financial foundation and long-lasting relationships. We started in 1998 with two partners as LS Realty Group buying and syndicating residential and commercial real estate projects. In 2011 LS Capital Group was formed to expand the company’s investment purview to include distressed debt. In 2012 LS Realty Group and LS Capital Group merged to become one company, LS Capital, which is owned and managed by multiple partners and comprehensively serves a wide range of investors.

A Disciplined Approach with Aligned Interests. That’s LS Capital.

Our philosophy: Be mindful and selectively assume risk. Our goal: Deliver above average risk adjusted returns.

We are a true investment company with a fundamental approach: we emphasize downside protection while aligning our interests with our investment partners. Investing our money alongside our partners, we are committed to delivering long-term value that preserves and grows.

All phases of the investment life cycle, from acquisition through asset management, are executed with integrity, accountability, and transparency.

We capitalize on investment opportunities because we benefit from

  • Our access to discretionary capital, which allows us to react quickly to opportunity
  • Our extensive experience and proven track-record in valuation, negotiation, and management of assets
  • Our superior pipeline to deal flow achieved through deep-rooted relationships